All Terrain Cranes

Liebherr LTM1500 8.1

With a rated capacity of 600 Tons, the LTM 1500-8.1 is the largest hydraulic crane in Alaska. It comes equipped with a 164’ main boom and 299’ of luffing jib and is capable of lifting at heights of up to 475 feet and at radiuses exceeding 350 feet. All of this capability is mounted on an 8 axle carrier that can travel at 45 mph. This offers huge advantages to moving a large crawler crane in for a short term job. With the added Y-guy system it offers a quick and economical way to preform wind turbine maintenance or heavy lifts at most any site.

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Liebherr LTM1220 5.2

The LTM 1220-5.2 is designed to be one of the most capable cranes in the 5 axle category. With a 197 foot main boom and up to 140 feet of hydraulic offset able jib it can reach radiuses of 280 feet. It, like the 1500 come with the latest technology allowing the operator to work as safe as possible. With real time outrigger load readouts in the cab, to a computer system that automatically adjust max permissible wind speed as boom length increases, it is the standard in crane safety.


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Demag AC395

The AC 395 is an extremely versatile crane. It can drive down the road at 45 mph in 100 Ton configuration, and with only two trailer loads  it can be loaded up to the 150 Ton configuration, or anywhere in between. It’s 4 steering axles and relatively compact dimensions make it easy to maneuver on even the most congested sights. It has a 197’ main boom and 52’ of jib that allows it to reach tall buildings and towers with ease.

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