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We are Alaska Crane

Alaska is where we work and heavy lifting is what we do.

what we do

Alaska Crane’s fleet has extensive capacities, ranging from 28 to 660 tons, we’re capable of reaching crane boom lengths over 400 feet and we offer some of the most robust and comprehensive arctic-grade crane fleets in the Pacific Northwest. Our mobile fleet is perfect for any of your call-out crane service needs across the state. Whether you need a quick turnaround or are planning a long-term project, we can accommodate any type of lift.

To ensure a safe and productive lift every time, Alaska Crane has invested in state-of-the-art 3D lift plan software. This tool helps us identify variables and improve efficiency while reducing risk and creating greater transparency for our clients. Safety is a fundamental component of Alaska Crane’s success in the heavy lift crane industry.


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North Slope Operations

Our North Slope Operations includes an entire fleet of arctic-tough cranes that can brave temperatures as low as -40 degrees F, making these winter workhorses ideal for year-round, cold-weather operations across Alaska’s arctic and coastal regions.



Going on 14 years—and counting— our flawless safety record and industry-leading .66 Experience Modification Rating (EMR) reflect our commitment to safety, injury prevention, and risk mitigation. In addition to carrying out our own safety program, we have an in-house team authorized to certify crane operators and riggers, per industry regulations and standards.


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STG Incorporated, the parent company of Alaska Crane, is an Anchorage-based heavy industry contractor that has provided construction services and management across Alaska since 1991. In 2001, STG purchased an established crane business, recognizing that the services it provided locally would be compatible with and complementary to its rural work. Company owners renamed the newly-purchased business Alaska Crane and began the process of upgrading its equipment fleet. In September 2013, Calista Corporation acquired STG Incorporated, which included Alaska Crane and one other subsidiary.
















With nearly 75 years of combined crane experience, our certified operators and riggers have assisted in the construction of some of Alaska’s most important infrastructure, current projects include but not limited to: