Our Fleet

Alaska Crane has one of the most robust and comprehensive arctic-grade crane fleets in the Pacific Northwest.

The Right Crane for the Job

Alaska Crane has the right crane for the job catering to a variety of industries throughout rural, urban, and arctic Alaska, including oil and gas, and construction.  From the oil fields of the North Slope to the dams of Southeast, we have the right crane for the job.

With our fleet’s extensive capacities, ranging from 28 to 660 tons, we’re capable of reaching crane boom lengths to over 400 feet.

Our entire fleet of arctic-tough cranes can brave temperatures as low as -40 degrees F, making these winter workhorses ideal for year-round, cold-weather operations across Alaska’s arctic and coastal regions.

Largest Crawler Crane in Alaska

In addition to the many mobile cranes in inventory, including the largest crawler crane in the state, the mighty Liebherr LR1600, Alaska Crane has now added the Liebherr LTM 1220-5.2 and 1500-8.1 models that provide the latest technology available with:

  • Most modern chassis and drive technology
  • Variable steering concept
  • Comfort and functionality
  • High lifting capacities and flexible boom system
  • Hydraulic folding jib
  • Variable counterweight
  • High-power crane drive
  • Intelligent crane control
  • State-of-the-art safety features


We are committed to providing the best crane operated services in Alaska and offering the latest in mobile lift technologies, as seen here with our New Liebherr LTM 1500 600 ton all-terrain and with our Liebherr LR 1600 660 ton crawler.  This commitment is ingrained in our culture, which is evident upon speaking with our employees or upon viewing the integrated architecture of our office building. Most importantly, our commitment is continually illustrated through the satisfaction of our customers.