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Rigger & Signalperson
Certification Training

November 1, 2017, OSHA will require anyone rigging for or signaling a crane to at least be qualified by a third party. Now the crane rental company that you trust for all your lifting needs can train your employees to become certified rigger/signal people and earn a five-year nationally accredited certification card.


  • Conveniently based in Anchorage
  • Nearby electronic testing facility for fast results
  • Instructed by experienced crane operators with real world knowledge
  • Five-year nationally accredited certification
  • Affordable and effective

Test Preparation

Two-day classroom test prep covering:


  • OSHA and ASME standards
  • Rigging hardware pre-inspection and proper use
  • Proper use of tag lines
  • Hand and voice signals
  • Basics of crane operation and limitations

Upcoming Class Dates

  • April 9 – 11, 2018



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